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Young professional building financial fitness

Stop Spinning Your Wheels.
Get Expert Guidance to Design the Future You Want

Get a personalized plan to stop the stress and take control of your finances.

Get a Handle on Your Money
Ditch Unwanted Debt
Design the Life You Want

Tired of feeling like your paycheck disappears as soon as it hits your account?

You work hard but never seem to make a dent in that debt or reach those big goals?  You're not alone...

Student loans, bills, and the pressure to 'keep up' leave you feeling like you're on a treadmill to nowhere.


Building savings, and planning your dream life, feels impossible.

Imagine the relief of seeing your debt shrink, your savings grow, and those big dreams finally feel within reach. 

The Financial Fitness Program is your financial bootcamp.

We'll kickstart positive financial habits, pave the way for bigger financial planning, and get you excited about your financial future.

Widaad, Mississauga, On

Before I started working with Rolf, I had no idea how I was spending my money and had no plan for saving or combating debt. Rolf helped me become more aware of how I am using my income to save and also pay off debt.


Together we created an easy to use and systematic plan that really helps me manage my money and set realistic financial goals for myself.


I didn’t really have much of an understanding of finances or a financial background, Rolf helped me understand my finances and was always able to answer my questions.


Financially I’m in a much better shape and feel less stressed because of Rolf’s expert guidance.

Get Started Today


Book an Intro Session

Start with an Intro Session. We'll talk about your goals, the obstacles you're facing and how we'll clear them out of the way.


Design the Future You Want

We'll design the future you want. Build an emergency fund? Check. Pay off debt? Check. Get control of your finances? Check


Get Expert Guidance

You get personalized guidance every step of the way. Regular checkins with your guide to help you build financial muscle.

Hi, I'm Rolf

Founder, ProsperWise Advisors

I get it.. it's stressful when you've lost control of your finances. I've been there too. But, the good news is that no matter what obstacles are in your way, they can be overcome. 


And I'm here to be your guide.

My goal is to help you ditch financial stress, make smart choices, and design the future you want.

With nearly two decades of experience, I get the challenges you're facing. Let's work together to break down barriers, reach your goals, and create a life you want.

Ready to stop struggling and start building the financial future you want?

Book your Intro Session today and let's start your journey toward financial confidence.

ProsperWise Intro Session

Let's talk about the future you want, how we can help design it, and how to take your first steps.

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