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Services for Founders and Business Owners

Financial Planning

Wealth & Risk Management

Tax Saving Strategies

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Protect Your Company's Financial Resources With a ProsperWise Plan


The Founder's Growth Plan

A personalized plan to grow and prosper at every stage of life.


The Founder's Transition Plan

A plan to protect your wealth during life's important transitions.


The Founder's Infinite Plan

A multi-generational plan to create a family legacy.

What Does a ProsperWise Plan Look Like?

It's like a set of custom house plans... but for your finances


The Foundation

Start with the basics. Cashflow Management, Debt Management, and Short Term Savings to build a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime


The Walls

Next we design and place the walls. Insurance to protect your assets, medium and long-term investment portfolios for your unique goals and needs. 


The Roof

Finally, we add the roof that strategically aligns your personal and business finances, minimizes taxes, and protects your legacy for generations to come.

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