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Case Study:
Entrepreneur Outsources CFO Role, Gains Clarity and Confidence for Growth

Financial Planning

Wealth & Risk Management

Tax Saving Strategies

Sarah, is a 32-year-old founder of a thriving sustainable fashion e-commerce store

Sarah is passionate about her business but struggled with the complexities of managing her company's and her own finances effectively. She wanted a dedicated professional to guide her financial future.

The Challenges:
  • Lack of Financial Oversight: Detailed financial analysis and projections were taking time away from Sarah's core focus on growing her business.

  • Tax Inefficiencies: Missed opportunities to minimize her company's and her own tax burdens.

  • Retirement Planning Neglect: Sarah's personal retirement strategy was non-existent as she focused on reinvesting profits.

  • Need for Financial Strategist: Sarah wanted a trusted advisor to be a sounding board for major financial decisions.

The Solution
  • ProsperWise as Personal CFO: We stepped in to fill the role of Sarah's personal CFO, assuming responsibility for her company's and personal financial strategy.

  • Streamlined Financial Reporting: We worked closely with Sarah's accountant, creating clear reports and projections for informed decision-making.

  • Proactive Tax Strategy: Developed comprehensive tax optimization plans to benefit both the business and Sarah personally.

  • Integrating Personal & Business Goals: Balanced Sarah's retirement planning with the company's growth ambitions.

  • Ongoing Strategic Support: Became the go-to expert for unbiased advice on key business decisions like expansion, hiring, and potential financing.

The Result
  • Sarah can now focus on her business strategy knowing her financial health is in expert hands.

  • Tax optimization strategies significantly reduced liabilities, providing more funds for growth.

  • Sarah has a long-term retirement plan in place, providing security and peace of mind.

  • Strategic business decisions have led to increased profitability and greater financial confidence.

"ProsperWise is more than just an advisor – they're my personal CFO. I can focus on building my dream business knowing my financial well-being is being looked after too." - Sarah P.

Ready to elevate your business and simplify your financial life? Discover how ProsperWise Advisors can become your personal CFO. Schedule a consultation today.

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Integrate Your Personal and Business Goals With a ProsperWise Founder's Plan

The ProsperWise Growth Plan

The Founder's Growth Plan

For Early-Stage & Growth-Focused Entrepreneurs


The Founder's Transition Plan

Achieve financial balance for your business and your life.

The ProsperWise Infinite Plan

The Founder's Infinite Plan

Advanced planning for business succession and family security.

What Does a ProsperWise Plan Look Like?

It's like a set of custom house plans... but for your finances


The Foundation

Start with the basics. Cashflow Management, Debt Management, and Short Term Savings to build a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime


The Walls

Next we design and place the walls. Insurance to protect your assets, medium and long-term investment portfolios for your unique goals and needs. 


The Roof

Finally, we add the roof that strategically aligns your personal and business finances, minimizes taxes, and protects your legacy for generations to come.

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