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7 Reasons Why GenZ and Millenials Should Be on LinkedIn

Over half of North America’s working population is now made up of GenZ and Millennials. With social media, it’s easier than ever to connect with others and stay informed on the latest trends. While Instagram and TikTok are great for connecting and staying up to date. When it comes to making professional connections, there’s no better place than LinkedIn.

Here are 7 reasons why GenZ and Millennial professionals and entrepreneurs should be active on the platform too.

You'll Build Your Brand

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a young professional, having an active presence on LinkedIn can help you build your personal brand. Use it to showcase your work, achievements and skills to demonstrate why employers should hire you.

Posting regularly will create awareness of who you are. It’s an invaluable way to build relationships and find opportunities in your industry.

Having recommendations from former employers and colleagues is a great way to show potential employers that you’re a trustworthy, reliable person. Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn to strengthen your profile and make yourself stand out from the competition.

It’s Global

No matter where you're located in the world, LinkedIn gives you access to a global network of professionals. You can connect with people from different countries and cultures, which can be extremely helpful if you’re looking for international job opportunities.

Want to travel and work? Connect with other professionals and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to find out more about different countries and cultures.

Create a Professional Profile

Creating a strong profile is one of the most important things you can do on LinkedIn if you want to get noticed by employers and peers alike. Your profile should include information about your work experience, education and skillset as well as any other relevant information that may give potential employers an idea of who you are professionally.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation is key when it comes to creating a successful professional presence online – especially on platforms like LinkedIn where people expect professionalism from their contacts (and potential future employers). Pay attention not only to what type of content you post but also how often - too much posting could come off as unprofessional, while too little could leave people wondering what else there is about you professionally that they don’t yet know!

Additionally, you are being Googled. When people search your name, your LinkedIn profile will be one of the top search results. It's important that you have a profile that gives you a competitive edge.

Showcase Your Work

If you have projects or achievements related to your work experience or education history that demonstrate dedication or creativity, make sure they feature prominently on your profile page! This will show potential employers just how capable and ambitious you are when it comes taking initiative within a workplace setting!

Connect with Professionals

LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a mentor or want to network with potential employers, having a strong LinkedIn presence can help open many doors as you progress in your career.

With more than 850 million users worldwide, employers are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to source candidates for job openings. Having an up-to-date profile on the platform can help you stand out from the competition when searching for jobs or internships.

Networking is an essential part of modern day business culture – so make sure that everyone in your network knows who you are and what value they might get out of knowing who you are! Strategically connecting with others will create mutually beneficial relationships which could open up new opportunities for both parties involved!

Cultivate Relationships

Last but not least, don’t forget about nurturing existing relationships! It takes time and effort but regularly engaging with those already in your network will ensure that they remember who you are down the line when opportunities arise!

Overall, LinkedIn offers GenZers and Millennials countless opportunities for professional growth – whether it be finding mentors or gaining insight into more exciting job prospects – so there's no reason not take advantage of everything the platform has to offer! You'll gain a competitive edge in your business and career. So build your profile today and start connecting with professionals from around the world.


Let's connect on LinkedIn too!  If you're not sure about it, here's how to start.  Follow me on LinkedIn. Send me a DM, and let me know you're there and need help getting started.  I'd love to show you around!

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