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My Best Investment Advice

As a financial consultant, people come to me for investment advice. We look at their goals, and carefully put together a plan to help them achieve those goals. In the years that I've been guiding people with this advice, I've seen a pattern emerge.

There is a Master Investment that drives all other investments. The Master Investment is not in traditional assets like real estate, stocks, bonds, or any other financial instrument.

Yet, the Master Investment impacts every decision and opportunity to increase your capacity to build your net worth.

The Master Investment is the investment of both time and money in learning and growth.

By Investing time and money in your personal growth, your health, your mental and spiritual well-being, and your relationships, you increase your capacity to achieve your potential and that can also increase your capacity to grow your net worth.

As with any investment, the Master Investment may not produce a return immediately.

It may take years to see the returns come back to you. Like any investment, the Master Investment is a long-term investment that will continue to produce results long after you're gone.

It is the one investment that has the greatest potential to change the world.

You will improve your ability to make better decisions, and with better decisions come better outcomes. With better outcomes, you'll have a bigger impact, and that impact will change the world.

In my experience, I focused my Master Investment on these broad categories: learning, physical health, personal and business relationships, and spiritual health.

Four years ago, I invested time and money to go back to school to complete the degree that I had started many years before and remained undone all those years.

The payoff was much more that the parchment that now hangs on my wall. I gained a sense of accomplishment, I gained a broader understanding of the world through the eyes of my classmates, and I gained relationships with the next generation of leaders, I gained knowledge that I am able to turn into financial results.

I invested time and money in my health. I began working with professionals from a variety of disciplines to help me regain my health. Thousands of dollars have been invested in the last year alone so that I am stronger, leaner, healthier, more flexible, and more active than I've been in decades.

I've invested time to develop new friendships and business partnerships, and mentorship opportunities. New people have come into my life, and others have left. I'm a different person now than I was five years ago, and that requires a different circle of influence on a personal and a business level. I've had the opportunity to mentor the next generation of leaders and invest time in their growth. That investment will pay off for generations to come, long after I am gone.

I've invested time in my mental, physical and spiritual well-being by setting aside time during Sabbatical weeks to Reflect, Rejuvenate, and Refocus.

I began practicing the discipline of setting aside one week in seven as a sabbatical week about 5 years ago. It's a week where I take a break from work to reflect on what's been accomplished, rest and rejuvenate, and refocus on what is left to be accomplished. It is through this time that I am refreshed and ready to take on the challenge that lays ahead of me.

These Master Investments have increased my capacity to not only do more with the limited time I have, but they have also increased my capacity to grow my net worth. The investment of time and money in the Master Investment drives all other investments.

Here's the takeaway for you.

Investment in the Master Investment will grow your capacity to grow your net worth. Consider the investment of time and money in your learning, physical health, personal and business relationships, and spiritual health. Those investments will produce a return over time that can produce a financial gain, but will most importantly change the world.

Prosper. Grow. Flourish.

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