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Case Study:
Couple Achieves Financial Clarity and Prepares for Their Dream Retirement

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Wealth & Risk Management

Tax Saving & Control of Your Future

John and Sarah, a dynamic professional couple in their 50s, had achieved significant career success. However, their financial picture lacked clarity, and they worried about being fully prepared for retirement. They sought ProsperWise Advisors to help them navigate their financial future.

The Challenges
  • Disorganized Finances: Statements from various accounts made it difficult to track their net worth and investment performance.

  • Uncertain Retirement Goals: They knew they wanted to retire comfortably, but lacked a clear roadmap to achieve their desired lifestyle.

  • Tax Planning Concerns: John and Sarah weren't sure if they were maximizing tax deductions and strategies.

  • Lack of Estate Planning: The couple hadn't considered estate planning documents or beneficiary designations.

The Solution
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan: Together we developed a personalized plan outlining their assets, liabilities, income streams, and projected retirement needs.

  • Investment Strategy Review & Optimization: We reviewed their existing portfolio, aligning it with their risk tolerance and revised retirement timeline.

  • Tax Optimization Strategies: Proactive tax planning identified deductions and minimized their future tax burden.

  • Retirement Income Projections: We conducted thorough projections to ensure their retirement savings would support their desired lifestyle.

  • Introduction to Estate Planning Attorney: We facilitated an introduction to an estate planning attorney to create wills and trusts.

The Result
  • John and Sarah gained a clear understanding of their overall financial picture, enabling informed financial decisions.

  • Their investment portfolio was optimized, ensuring it aligns with their risk tolerance and retirement goals.

  • Tax optimization strategies minimized their tax liabilities, freeing up more capital for retirement.

  • Retirement income projections provided peace of mind, knowing they're on track for a comfortable retirement.

  • They have a basic estate plan in place, protecting their assets and ensuring their wishes are carried out.

Client Quote

"Working with ProsperWise was a game-changer. They helped us organize our finances, optimize our investments, and plan for the future we've always dreamed of. Now, we can look forward to retirement with confidence." - John & Sarah M.

Are you nearing retirement and unsure if you're on the right track? Schedule a consultation with ProsperWise Advisors and discover how we can help you achieve financial clarity and a secure future.

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Get Control of Your Finances With a ProsperWise Plan

The ProsperWise Growth Plan

The Growth Plan

Jumpstart Your Financial Future


Perfect if you're in your 20s and early 30s saving for a down payment, dream vacation, or starting a business.


The Transition Plan

Level Up & Secure Your Future

For when you're financially established but need guidance planning  for  retirement, and other transitions.

The ProsperWise Infinite Plan

The Infinite Plan

Build a Multi-Generational Legacy

When you've established a family and want to ensure inter-generational financial security.

What Does a ProsperWise Plan Look Like?

It's like a set of custom house plans... but for your finances


The Foundation

Start with the basics. Cashflow Management, Debt Management, and Short Term Savings to build a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime


The Walls

Next we design and place the walls. Insurance to protect your assets, medium and long-term investment portfolios for your unique goals and needs. 


The Roof

Finally, we add the roof that strategically aligns your personal and business finances, minimizes taxes, and protects your legacy for generations to come.

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