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Are you a young, ambitious professional or visionary entrepreneur looking to achieve financial security and enhance business profits?

Unlock Your Potential

Let's start with a personalized plan for your unique needs.
Financial Planning
Business Optimization
Expert Guidance

When you work with ProsperWise Advisors financial security and business profits are strategically aligned.

  • Personalized financial planning and support
  • Streamline business operations to enhance profits 
  • Expert guidance to build wealth and financial well-being

Meet Rolf Issler

Founder, ProsperWise Advisors

Business Strategy Expert

Personal CFO

3x Ironman Finisher

When we work together you get the benefit of 4 decades of leadership and operations experience combined with a management degree from the University of British Columbia where my focus was on business strategy.

I've held positions at Fortune 500 companies and have been at the helm of an insurance and investment brokerage where I developed advisors and brokers for a major Canadian firm while managing my own practice.


My ongoing partnership with the Faculty of Management at UBC keeps me engaged with students where I provide volunteer mentorship and guidance to the next generation of business leaders.

My work in the community continues by serving on the board of directors that oversees a local non-profit farm that is addressing food insecurity for those in need.


I am passionate about contributing to the growth and success of visionary entrepreneurs. Because, as they prosper, so does our community.

Rolf Issler, BMgt
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Services to Unlock Your Potential

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Financial Planning & Advice

Personalized financial planning, wealth management, risk management for professionals and business owners.

Colleagues Working Together

Optimize Business Operations

Strategy mapping, business process automation, and mentorship to unlock your business potential.

What Does Working With ProsperWise Advisors Look Like?

It's like having a personal CFO


We personalize every plan and strategy to your unique needs and aspirations.


Cutting-edge technology gives you convenience and accessibility.


We have a genuine desire to empower you to achieve your unique goals.

Our Clients are Ambitious Professionals and Visionary Entrepreneurs All Across Canada

Widaad from Ontario

Rolf worked with me to create an easy to use and systematic plan that really helps me manage my money and set realistic financial goals for myself.

Don from British Columbia

As years go by, family, jobs, relationships and the economy change. I understand options for now and the future. On my own, I would not be as far ahead as I am now.

Gina from British Columbia

Rolf makes planning a breeze. He is able to explain (in plain English!) how things work like investing, life insurance policies, tax-free savings etc…

We'd love to welcome you as our next client.

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