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How to Build a Career and Business Strategy That Works!

  1. What do you want?

  2. Set Your Financial Objectives

  3. Where's your money coming from?

  4. Where's it going to?

  5. Set Your Customer Objectives

  6. Who are they? How do you serve them? How do you sustain and develop them?

  7. I you're a professional, who's your employer? How do you serve them? How do you develop your relationship?

  8. How will you do it?

  9. Develop Your Business Processes

  10. What are your marketing, sales, and operational processes to support your Customer, and Financial Objectives?

  11. How do meet customer and financial objectives?

  12. If you're a professional, aside from your employers business processes, how do you ensure you remain productive and effective in your work?

  13. What are your processes to ensure you bring the most value to the relationship and meet your financial objectives?

  14. Develop Your Learning and Growth Processes

  15. How will your company learn and develop processes in order to accomplish it's vision?

  16. As a professional, how will you continue to learn and grow in order to create the future you envision?

Then, once you have the Strategy Blueprint, it becomes much easier to focus on the processes to create the business and future you envision.

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